EA FC 24 Release Date is expected to be September 29, 2023
EA Sports FC 24 Release Date

FC 24 Release Date

EA FC 24 officially launches worldwide on Friday, September 29 and releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows (Origin, Steam and Epic Games) and Google Stadia platforms. A Legacy Edition is expected to be out exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Those who want to play before the official launch date, can buy the Ultimate Edition and have full access to the Electronic Arts game three days earlier.

There is also the option to subscribe the EA Play service, which includes free access to the trial. This 10-hour limited version of the full game can be played four days before the official FC 24 release date. There won’t be any demo, so this is the first chance to try the new title.

Last year, FIFA 23 was fully launched on September 30. If EA follows the same trend, then Friday, September 29th, 2023, sounds like a very reasonable date for this year’s release. After 30 yearly FIFA titles, FC 24 will be the first of the new franchise.
Frequently Asked Questions
EA Sports FC is the new name for the EA Sports football franchise video-game series, previously known as EA Sports FIFA. The game was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label.
EA FC 24 will go out on September 29, 2023 (Friday).
You have two options to play Football Club 24 first:
1) subscribe to EA Play which gives you access to the 10-hour trial four days before the FC 24 release date;
2) buy the Ultimate Edition, unlocking full access to the final version of FC 24 three days before the worldwide launch.
There won’t be released a demo version for FC 24.
Returning players earn access to the UT Web App and Companion App from September 21.
No. As with the previous Electronic Sports titles, you will have to buy it.
Yes, you can play it with players from different platforms in several game modes, including Ultimate Team.

The Most Important FC 24 Launch Dates

All release times are indicated in the UK time zone
Release Date
Official Launch 29/09/2023 Fri
Standard Edition 29/09/2023 Fri
Ultimate Edition 26/09/2023 Tue
Companion App 21/09/2023 Thu
Web App 29/09/2023 Wed
EA Play Trial 25/09/2023 Mon
First TOTW 20/09/2023 Wed
Closed Beta 10/08/2023 Thu
All dates are estimated

Release Dates History

All release times are indicated in the UK time zone
Video Game Release Date
FC 24 29/09/2023 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 23 30/09/2022 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 22 01/10/2021 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 21 09/10/2020 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 20 27/09/2019 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 19 28/09/2018 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 18 29/09/2017 Fri Worldwide Release
FIFA 17 27/09/2016 Tue Official Release
29/09/2016 Thu Rest of World
27/09/2016 Tue USA
FIFA 16 22/09/2015 Tue Official Release
08/10/2015 Thu Japan
01/10/2015 Thu Brazil
24/09/2015 Thu Rest of World
22/09/2015 Tue USA
FIFA 15 24/09/2014 Wed Official Release
09/10/2014 Thu Brazil
25/09/2014 Thu Rest of World
24/09/2014 Wed USA
FIFA 14 24/09/2013 Tue Official Release
03/10/2013 Thu Brazil
27/09/2013 Fri Rest of World
24/09/2013 Tue USA
FIFA 13 26/09/2012 Wed Official Release
04/10/2012 Thu Brazil
28/09/2012 Fri Rest of World
27/09/2012 Thu Australia
26/09/2012 Wed USA
FIFA 12 27/09/2011 Tue Official Release
30/09/2011 Fri Rest of World
27/09/2011 Tue USA
FIFA 11 28/09/2010 Tue Official Release
01/10/2010 Fri Rest of World
30/09/2009 Thu Australia
28/09/2010 Tue USA
FIFA 10 02/10/2009 Fri Official Release
20/10/2009 Tue USA
16/10/2009 Fri Brazil
02/10/2009 Fri Rest of World
FIFA 09 02/10/2008 Thu Official Release
15/10/2008 Wed USA
03/10/2008 Fri Rest of World
02/10/2008 Thu Australia
FIFA 08 27/09/2007 Tue Official Release
29/10/2007 Mon Japan
12/10/2007 Sat Rest of World
29/09/2007 Thu Australia
27/09/2007 Tue USA
FIFA 07 25/09/2006 Mon Official Release
28/12/2006 Thu Netherlands
14/12/2006 Thu Japan
05/12/2006 Tue France
27/11/2006 Mon Spain
16/11/2006 Thu Germany
13/10/2006 Fri Rest of World
06/10/2006 Fri Australia
25/09/2006 Mon USA
FIFA 06 30/09/2005 Fri Official Release
04/10/2005 Tue Rest of World
30/09/2005 Fri USA
FIFA Football 2005 08/10/2004 Fri Official Release
09/12/2004 Thu Japan
12/10/2004 Tue USA
08/10/2004 Fri Rest of World
FIFA Football 2004 24/10/2003 Fri Official Release
18/03/2004 Thu Japan
04/11/2003 Tue USA
24/10/2003 Fri Rest of World
FIFA Football 2003 25/10/2002 Fri Official Release
05/11/2002 Tue USA
25/10/2002 Fri Rest of World
FIFA Football 2002 29/10/2001 Mon Official Release
02/11/2001 Fri Rest of World
29/10/2001 Mon USA
FIFA Football 2001 30/10/2000 Mon Official Release
10/11/2000 Fri Rest of World
30/10/2000 Mon USA
FIFA 2000 26/10/1999 Tue Worldwide Release
FIFA 99 30/11/1998 Mon Official Release
08/12/1998 Tue Rest of World
30/11/1998 Mon USA
FIFA: Road to WC 98 17/06/1997 Mon Worldwide Release
FIFA 97 16/11/1996 Sat Official Release
30/11/1996 Sat USA
16/11/1996 Sat Rest of World
FIFA 96 30/09/1995 Sat Official Release
30/11/1995 Thu Rest of World
30/09/1995 Sat USA
FIFA 95 10/11/1994 Thu Worldwide Release
FIFA International Soccer 15/12/1993 Wed Worldwide Release
FC 24 release date is estimated