FIFA 22 Trophies (PlayStation) and Achievements (Xbox) are systems for measuring a player’s progress in the game.
Gameplay & Skill Games575
Dead-Ball Specialist Bronze 15

Score a goal from a Free Kick.

Intuition and Execution Bronze 15

Win a penalty shoot-out without missing.

Clinical Finish Bronze 15

Score a goal from a cross when using Player Lock.

Bring It On Bronze 15

Play a single player match with the Competitive Master Switch turned On.

Training Addict Bronze 15

Complete all Main Menu Skill Games.

Kick-Off & Tournaments3120
European Glory Gold 90

Win the UEFA Champions League Final.

Winner Stays Bronze 15

Play 5 H2H matches with a friend in Kick Off.

Passion Bronze 15

Play a women’s International football match.

Ultimate Team12375
Club Icon Gold 90

Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Design and Conquer Gold 90

Play a game in Division 4 or higher in FUT Division Rivals.

Point to Prove Silver 30

Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to qualify for FUT Champions Play-Offs.

Winning Mentality Silver 30

Gain a winstreak in FUT Division Rivals.

Best Seats in the House Silver 30

Equip a customization item in each of the Stands customization slots of the Tier 3 FUT Stadium.

Friends for Life Bronze 15

Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals.

True Grit Bronze 15

Reach Milestone 1 in a FUT Division Rivals Season

Squad Building Curriculum Bronze 15

Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FUT.

Define the Meta Bronze 15

Create your own custom tactic in FUT.

My House, My Rules Bronze 15

Play a game using any House Rule in FUT Friendlies.

Bus Parking Simulator Bronze 15

Keep 10 clean sheets in FUT Squad Battles.

Be My Guest Bronze 15

Win a Co-Op game in public match-making in FUT

Career Mode7150
Trust the Process Silver 30

Jump into a Sim match in Career Mode and win it.

Total Football Silver 30

Successfully convert a player to a new position in Career Mode.

Maxed Out Silver 30

Reach Level 25 in the Player Career.

Favorite One Bronze 15

Achieve Top Manager Rating Values with your current player.

Objective Driven Bronze 15

Complete a total of 30 objectives across all matches

Newcomers Bronze 15

Play a season with a newly Created Club.

True Challenge Bronze 15

Complete 10 enhanced objectives across all matches

Pro Clubs490
Tactical Mastermind Silver 30

Unlock all the traits within a skill-tree in Pro Clubs.

Maestro Silver 30

Unlock a Specialty in Pro Clubs.

Dream Debut Bronze 15

Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match.

Our Club, Our Rules Bronze 15

Play and Complete a Cup House Rules Match in Pro Clubs.

Full Wardrobe Gold 90

Unlock 50 different vanity items

On the way up Silver 30

Reach Level 7 in a VOLTA Season

Volta’s Best Silver 25

Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL

Teamwork Works Bronze 15

Win a VOLTA SQUADS match with 3 friends.

Fresh Fit Bronze 15

Change an item in the “Outfits” tab.

Shop till you drop Bronze 15

Purchase an item in the VOLTA Store

FIFA 22 Trophies & Achievements371,000