FIFA 23 skill moves is the ability a player has to outmaneuver his opponent.
FIFA 23 Skill Moves

Skill Moves List

In the real world, professional footballers use special tricks to beat their opponents. You can do the same. There are dozens of FIFA 23 skill moves, split into five categories. Every player in the game has an independent SM rating that determines how many tricks he/she can pull off. Players featuring 5-star skills are the only ones capable of performing all.

You need to know which buttons you should press to perform a skill move. This page details the complete controls for FIFA 23 skill moves on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (gamepad controllers and keyboard).

1-Star Skill Moves

These skill moves are so basic that any player, including goalkeepers, can perform them.

Ball Juggle and Foot Fake can only be performed while standing.

2-Star Skill Moves

More complex than 1-star skills, moves like body feints and stepovers are still easy enough for almost everyone.

3-Star Skill Moves

You don’t need to make the most complex moves to easily beat defenders and clear a way to the goal. Most players can perform these, so you should start with them.

Heel Chop can only be performed while running.

4-Star Skill Moves

Once you get to the four-star moves, you’ll have to break each skill down into parts. It will take a little more to master them, but it will pay off.

Ball Hop can only be performed while standing, while you have to be standing to perform Stop and Turn, and Ball Roll.
New Skill Moves

New Skill Moves

Every year, Electronic Arts introduces new skill moves in the game, replicating how real-world players have innovated in the last year:

  • First Time Feint Turn;
  • Jog Open Up Fake Shot;
  • Stand Open Up Fake Shot;
  • Stutter Feint;
  • Heel to Ball Roll;
  • Explosive Fake Shot;
  • Heel Fake.

5-Star Moves & Combos

You should only pay attention to these if you own in your club, at least one of the few players able to perform it.

Advanced Rainbow, Sombrero Flick, and Ball Roll Fake can only be performed while standing; Rabona Fake can only be performed while jogging; Ball Roll & Flick can only be performed while running.

5-Star Juggling Tricks

Juggling moves are extremely difficult to pull off and require practice, but they are perfect if you want to humiliate your opponents.
Frequently Asked Questions
Skill moves can be performed anytime during a match by pressing a specific combination of buttons.
It’s not important which skill moves you will use, but it’s recommended to master very well two or three skills. They don’t need to be 5-star skill moves. You will be OK with 3-star skills.
This page shows you all FIFA 23 skill moves available and its buttons for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.
All celebrations and the respective buttons are published on this page. Look at the following images to know what the buttons correspond to.

PlayStation Buttons

Xbox Buttons
No. Since FIFA 14 that you don’t need to hold L2/LT to perform skill moves.
Open Up Fake Shot, Reverse Stepover, Ball Roll Cut Left, Drag Back, Heel Flick, and Four Touch Turn are some of the most effective FIFA 23 skill moves.
Just like in real life, timing is very important and you need to be able to read the situation carefully. Certain situations call for different tricks.
Stepovers are handy to keep in mind. As the game’s meta progresses, occasionally, using simpler inputs could catch your opponent off guard.
Heel Chop helps create space in the penalty area and confuses any defenders hoping to put in a block.
The best way to train and improve your skills is in the practice arena.
A good trick to start with is the Body Feint. This is a 2 star trick so pretty much any player in the game without goalkeeping gloves or a broken leg can do this. When you’re in the arena, and your player is facing straight towards the goal, flick the R Stick Left or Right. If your player did a Body Feint, you succeeded. However if your player rolled the ball with his foot instead, that means you held the Right Stick for too long. Try to release it sooner.
Skill moves are one element that separates decent players from great ones in FIFA 23. When two teams’ rosters are evenly matched, the score will often depend on a player’s ability to outmaneuver their opponents. They are the best way to outplay your opponents since you can catch them off guard and make an offensive play before they realize what’s going on.
Yes, skill moves are available in all game modes, but the players that can perform them may vary in Ultimate Team game mode due to special item upgrades.
Each trick has a star rating based on how difficult it is to perform in real life. 1 star is the lowest and 5 stars the highest. Some players like Ronaldo are skillful and can do even the most advanced tricks, whereas less skillful players like goalkeepers and defenders can’t.
Only a few dozens players can perform the most complex skill moves.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe are among the players with a five-star skill rating in FIFA 23.