Ones to Watch cards, also known as Hybrid cards, are a cards category that were first introduced in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

These black cards are assigned to a very limited selection of players, replacing their regular cards since the day 1. Opposite to all other FUT cards, the OTW ratings and stats are not fixed. They increase or not depending on the player’s form. The Ones to Watch cards boost in rating and stats every time a player gets a new inform (except TOTS, TOTY and Record Breaker). In other words, they are in form cards that have the stats of that players highest rated cards. The ratings of OTW cards should be automatically updated as soon as a new IF cards gets released.

The hybrid cards prices depend of how well the players performed and how many IF cards they get. That’s why it is so difficult to predict the prices. These cards give the game a fantasy football element.